MASUM Library is as old as the organisation. Founder-Convener, Manisha Gupte and Dr. Ramesh Awasthi donated books from their personal collection to initiate the library. The Library consists of Books, Periodicals, Newspaper Clippings, Audio Visual CDs, and Posters etc. It has a rich collection on Women's issues including Human Rights, Women and Health, Ecology and Environment, Women and Development, Gender, Domestic Violence etc. So far the Library collection has-

  • Books - 6500
  • English Books - 3500
    Hindi Books - 600
    Marathi Books - 2400

  • Periodicals - 20
  • Newspapers Clippings - 800
  • Audio Visual CDs - 700
  • Posters - 150
  • All the reading material has been classified according to Akshara Classification System and placed in bookcases clockwise making it easy to locate and retrieve any document that is available in the library. A computerised database has been created using WINISIS software package developed by UNESCO. Bibliographical information about 5000 documents is available on computer for easy retrieval of required document.

    There is a separate Reference Section which consists of


    The Library provides bibliographical services and the following bibliographies are readily available for reference purpose.

    Right to Housing
    Right to Information
    Human Rights
    Right to Work
    Right to Education
    Rights of Minorities
    Right to Food
    Women and Health
    Right to Healthcare
    Honour Crimes
    Women & Violence

    The Library remains open between 9.30 and 16.30 hrs on all working days. MASUM's Library is open for consultation to all those who believe in women's empowerment. Photocopying facility is also available at a nominal charge.