English Publications

youthreportMapping Family Arranged Marriage Patterns in the Rapidly Changing Rural Purandar Block of Pune District
Publication Year:- 2021
Pages:- 60p
ISBN No:- ISBN 978-93-81352-10-6

balpanchayatBal Panchayat Handbook
Publication Year:- 2021
Pages:- 46p
ISBN No:- ISBN 978-93-81352-09-0

aseYouth Suicides in Purandar Taluka, Pune District
An Exploratory Study
Author:- Dr. Sadhana Natu
Publication Year:- 2015
Pages:- 32p
ISBN No:- ISBN 978-93-81352-06-9

aseRole of NGO's as Stakeholders in the Context of Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005
About the book:- An overview of the reality in Maharashtra
Author:- MASUM Team
Publication Year:- 2015
Pages:- 48p
Price:- Rs. 50/-
ISBN No:- ISBN 978-93-81352-03-8

honour'Honour' and Women's Rights : South Asian Perspectives
Author:- Ed. by Dr. Manisha Gupte, Dr. Ramesh Awasthi and Shraddha Chickerur
Publication Year:- 2012
Page:- 530p
Price:- Rs. 575/-. US $ 30
ISBN No:- ISBN 978-93-81352-02-1

Table of Contents

honourThere is no 'Honour' in Killing !: Report of the South Asian Seminar on "Honour Killings": Violence Against Women in South Asia
About the book:-
Author:- Ed. by Dr. Manisha Gupte, Nafisa Nazarali
Publication Year:- 2008
Page:- 139p
Price:- Rs. 200/-
ISBN No:- ISBN 978-81-905827-1-0

right approachThe Rights Approach to Health and Health Care: A Compiled Review
Author:- Dr. Abhay Shukla
Publication Year:- 2007
Page:- 35p
Price:- Rs. 50/-
ISBN No:- ISBN 978-81-904418-9-6

waterThe Human Right to Water
Author:- Malvika Vartak
Publication Year:- 2007
Page:- 53p
Price:- Rs. 50/-
ISBN No:- ISBN 978-81-905827-0-4

socialSocial Security From the Human Rights Perspective in The Indian Context
Author:- Dr. Savitri Subramanian
Publication Year:- 2007
Page:- 36p
Price:- Rs. 50/-
ISBN No:- ISBN 978-81-904418-8-9

rutuchakraRutuchakra (Apron & Booklet)
An apron & a booklet explaining Menstrual Cycle & Reproduction
Author:- Dr. Manisha Gupte, Anupama Pathak & Chandra Karhadkar
Publication Year:- 2005
Page:- 9p
Price:- Rs. 15/-

towardsTowards A Life With Dignity - Documentation of the Training on the Right-Based Approach
This documentation is acompilation of five trainings i.e. right to health care and health, right to food, right to adequate housing, right to education and right to work.It elaborates upon various concepts such as gender, the rights based approach, state obligation, the human rights framework, the UN system and international treaties related to human rights.
Publication Year:- 2005
Page:- 148p
Price:- Rs. 150/-
ISBN No:- ISBN 978-81-904418-7-2

womens fertilityWomen's Work, Fertility and Access to Health Care - A Socio-Economic Study of Two Villages in Pune District
About the book:-
Author:- Dr. Manisha Gupte, Anita Borkar
Publication Year:- 2005
Page:- 201p
Price:- Rs. 150/-
ISBN No:- ISBN 978-81-904418-2-7

anand melavaAnand Melas: For Newly Married Couples
About the book:- The objectives of the mela were therefore defined as follows
  • To promote dialogue between the couple.
  • To provide a space for amicable couple interaction.
  • To conduct activities that would help the couples to know more about each other.
  • To help couples undergo an experience of having child-like fun together.
  • To encourage verbalization of the experience of being together.
  • To provide information on important aspects of marriage such as marriage registration, sexuality, and ways of strengthening the marital relationship.
  • Publication Year:- 2003
    Page:- 50p
    Price:- Rs. 50/-

    we shall"WE SHALL BRING IN THE DAWN"- Women resisting alcoholism: A case study from rural Maharashtra.
    About the book:- This booklet documents women's needs for more information as well as their self-journey into understanding the politics of alcohol vending. 
    Author:- Dr. Manisha Gupte, Dr. Ramesh Awasthi & Savita Kurhade
    Publication Year:- 1997
    ISBN No:- ISBN 978-81-904418-0-3