Our Programmes

Initiated in 1987, MASUM’s programme on countering VAW includes counselling centres Samvaad (dialogue) located at Saswad
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The focus of our health programme, initiated in 1991 is to enable the most deprived sections in the community to access and demand health services.
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Women are unable to access credit from formal institutions as they hardly have any property or assets to mortgage.
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Planned efforts have been made by MASUM towards strengthening political participation of women in village governance.
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In order to create an environment free from violence and discrimination inside and outside the home, perspectives on equality, democracy, peace and justice have to be introduced early on in life.
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MASUM’s programme with groups of adolescent girls and boys at the village level aims at creating an environment conducive to harmonious human relationships based on gender equality, non-violence, religious and cross-cultural tolerance, and values of democracy.
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''वैद्यकीय गर्भपाताच्या कायद्याची ५० वर्षे'': 'सुरक्षित गर्भसमापनात' येणारे अडथळे कमी करण्यासाठी अवलंबिलेली कार्यनीतीयावर परिसंवाद
२६ मार्च, २०२१
दु. २.०० – ४.३०
ठिकाण : वाय.एम. सी. ए., क्यार्टर गेट , लक्ष्मी रोड, पुणे
नोंदणी आणि बैठकीची लिंक मिळवण्यासाठी